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As an SDVOSB, we know and understand the value of teamwork. Our senior leadership learned in the military that every person has their own strengths and weaknesses and it often takes partnerships to cultivate those strengths to their maximum potential.

Forming partnerships in business is no different. With their own unique core competencies, businesses often need one another to venture deeper into the Federal marketplace and be awarded those otherwise unattainable contracts. Just think of tying your shoelace.

Working Together – It’s as Simple as Tying your Shoelace
What would happen if you had to tie your shoelace one handed? Certainly your right and left hands are each skilled at various tasks such as writing, pouring, opening doors, and so on. But when the two hands attempt to tie a shoelace – separately – this seemingly easy task becomes extremely difficult. Certainly tying a shoelace can be done by one hand working alone, but not as naturally, quickly, and possibly as well as when both hands work together.

The fact of the matter is that many Federal agencies have projects that are too large in scope to be handled by one small business acting on its own. But when small businesses with complementary skills join forces, their combined abilities allow them to successfully perform on large and complex contracts. Together, the right and left hand work effortlessly to achieve their goal.

What does it take to form a partnership?
At Avisar, we expect each partnership will differ, depending on the government contract and skills of the teams partnering. Our past partnerships have been exciting and beneficial to all parties. We are always open to working with the right partner. As we see it, to become partners, it takes

  • Flexibility
  • Dedication
  • Teamwork

Avisar Partnerships
If you feel your business complements Avisar’s capabilities and you are interested in a partnership, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.


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