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Mentor-Protégé Relationships


Investing in Tomorrow

Today a Protégé, Tomorrow a Partner
As in any profession or field, continuing education is essential to the growth of a company. At Avisar, we view Mentor-Protégé programs in such a light.

With the right mentor-protégé team, we hope not only to learn from our mentor, but to create the foundation for a healthy and rewarding long-term relationship.

As a business whose excellence has been rewarded with multiple Federal contracts, Avisar seeks to continue its education by finding the right mentor.

Why Avisar is a good Protégé candidate

  • Committed to excellence
  • Proven track record as a prime contractor on Federal contracts
  • Business plan in place to grow the company and venture in new directions

If you believe Avisar might make a good protégé for your company, please contact us.


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