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Why Choose Avisar?


Some of the reasons the Federal Government encourages its agencies to contract with small businesses are to get quality, good service, and innovative solutions.

With Avisar, we carefully select teams of technology and business experts who have the specific backgrounds and abilities to assess, plan, and address/solve that agency's problems or needs. We don't split up a job between departments. We create the business equivalent of a "strike force" - a highly specialized team with the ability to take a mission and deliver. And we do not move teams from one "job" to the next. Each team differs from the last since we match our people's personalities and skill-sets to our client's situation. Finally, completing our team is the client. Our clients are a valuable resource of information and insight regarding their agency, personnel, and facilities. We work with them, integrating their knowledge and insight until we customize a solution that is perfect for them.

Like our teams, our contracting vehicles are designed to give Federal agencies exactly what they need. As a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), Avisar has the flexibility to shape solutions in a matter of days or weeks. And Avisar will gladly team with other businesses whose expertise complements our own - if that is what is needed to provide the best solution for our client.

Aside from Avisar's unique team-building approach and flexible contract options, there is a reason our Federal clients keep returning to us for ongoing business. Avisar delivers excellence.


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