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Science and Engineering Technical Assistance


Our scientists and engineers support environmental, transportation, defense, energy, space, and earth sciences through the collaboration of technology and business. Avisar optimizes scientific and engineering activities to best meet agency mission goals.

Our Scientific and Engineering Technical Assistance services include

To learn what Avisar’s Scientific and Engineering Technical Assistance can do for your agency, contact us.

Scientific and Engineering Program Management
Avisar’s management, technical, and administrative support people work with Federal research and advanced engineering personnel, keeping them on track through the phases of their projects while encouraging appropriate risk taking and steps towards innovation. Our goal is to aid your research and development team in the decision-making processes while enabling them to explore and reach new heights in their research and development activities.

Our Scientific and Engineering Program Management services cover

  • Program planning
  • Decision making methodologies
  • Lifecycle analysis
  • Milestone reviews
  • Risk/Cost/Benefit analysis
  • Program support

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Custom Research and Special Studies
Our Custom Research and Special Studies personnel are available to assist in the support of any research, study, or analysis needed by Federal agencies. While the agency is usually the lead, determining the goals of the project, our business and technical experts provide support in any phase, from idea generation, planning, development, analysis, and implementation to interpretation of data. Our experts work with your agency to advance the project in whichever direction supports your goals.

Our Custom Research and Special Studies services cover

  • Performing a feasibility analysis
  • Developing
    • The study
    • Research approach and techniques
    • Models
  • Conducting research
  • Presenting and publishing findings
  • Developing recommendations for future efforts

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Modeling and Simulation (M&S)
Our technology experts develop, optimize, and integrate the technologies necessary to create models and simulations under a variety of geographic conditions and military scenarios. Through the use of live, virtual, and constructive models and ranges, our experts create, enhance, or employ the simulations to test and train individuals and units.

Our Modeling and Simulation services cover

  • Acquisition support
  • Product identification, evaluation, and validation
  • Systems support
    • Research
    • Design
    • Development
    • Upgrades
    • Testing
    • Implementation
    • Deployment
    • Evaluation
    • Maintenance

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Decision Support Systems (DSS)
Our Decisions Support Systems are designed to support any decision-making activities. We factor in the role of the system vs. the human in the decision making process (passive, active, and cooperative DSS) as well as the source of information driving the decision making process (communication, data, documentation, knowledge, model).

Roles in Decision Making Process

  • Passive DSS – The system aids the decision making process but does not provide suggestions or solutions.
  • Active DSS – The system can provide suggestions or solutions based on the variables entered.
  • Cooperative DSS – The decision maker (the human) modifies and refines suggestions provided by the system. Based on the decision maker’s input, the system reassesses and re-suggests decisions. The process continues with further refinement as the data bounces back and forth from human to program, until an “agreed upon” solution is reached.

DSS categories

  • Communication driven – involves more than one person sharing a task
  • Data driven – uses a sequence of data points from a variety of sources
  • Documentation driven – uses information from a variety of formats
  • Knowledge driven – uses specialized problem solving techniques applied to facts, procedures, rules, and defined parameters
  • Model driven – The system has access and ability to manipulate data from models (statistical, financial, optimization, or simulation).

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Technology Transfer
The transfer of technology to the marketplace can be a lengthy or relatively simple process. Our services may only be needed to bridge a gap in the existing structure, or used to guide and structure the entire process. We combine both technology experts and business professionals to identify your needs, facilitate the sharing of great ideas and products, and ultimately bring forth a successful transfer to industry. Your people will become a vital part of the team, to ensure the most efficient transfer possible, and to help them learn and hopefully apply the steps to future technology transfers.

Our Technology Transfer services cover

  • Researching information relevant to the transfer
  • Developing technology transfer plans
  • Coordinating technical conferences
  • Developing communication products (print, video, multimedia, web) to disseminate information
  • Using knowledge sharing technologies to facilitate information exchange
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