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Strategic Communications, Outreach, and Training


Our Federal clients communicate constantly - with their employees, their constituents, the industries they regulate, Congress, and other branches of government.

Avisar provides guidance and support through every phase of the communication process. We think strategically and tactically, delivering solutions that have been carefully considered and collaboratively developed with our clients and the audiences they seek to reach.

Our Strategic Communications, Outreach, and Training services include

To learn what Avisar’s Strategic Communications, Outreach, and Training services can do for your agency, contact us.

Strategic Marketing and Outreach Plans
Avisar encourages our clients to take an active approach when we create strategic marketing and outreach solutions for their agencies. Our internal and external communications strategies are developed with involvement of not only our clients but our clients’ constituents and stakeholders. Working as a team, Avisar and its clients can effectively develop and deliver any message.

Our Strategic Marketing and Outreach Plan services

  • Analyze and profile audience segments
  • Interview subject matter experts
  • Establish roles and procedures for agency staff
  • Develop communication schedules
  • Select appropriate media for delivery
  • Develop primary and secondary messages
  • Develop communication plan objectives and methods
  • Execute planned tasks
  • Monitor and evaluate effectiveness

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Public Affairs and Legislative Liaison
Keeping the public informed and aligning Federal agency programs with a legislative agenda require tact, insight, and the ability to communicate effectively. Avisar understands the importance of promoting a positive image and message for its Federal clients, while also promoting the legislative agenda. That’s where creativity and the ability to understand and relate to the target audience becomes essential ­– and those are areas in which Avisar excels.

Our Public Affairs and Legislative Liaison services

  • Devise and implement strategy
  • Prepare presentation materials for meetings
  • Develop and deliver tailored media training
  • Develop press kits
  • Develop position papers
  • Develop tradeshow and conference presence
  • Conduct fact and awareness campaigns
  • Develop reports to congress
  • Maintain legislative and media databases
  • Coordinate replies to media
  • Develop response to media and the public
  • Develop and interpret constituent surveys

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Determining how much of one’s budget to devote to advertising or making the best use of a pre-fixed budget can be daunting tasks. There are a lot of decisions and choices to be made, often with more than one “right” answer. Avisar helps its clients reach their goals, from researching the target audience and deciding which vehicles best convey the message, to advising how to write effective copy for various media.

Our Advertising services cover

  • Planning, managing, and monitoring advertising campaigns
  • Target audience research
  • Creative/Graphic design
  • Creative copywriting
  • Promotional items
  • Use of print, television, radio, and web advertising
  • Local, national, and international coverage

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Instructional Design and Educational Technology
If you’re coming to Avisar for help in the area of Instructional Design and Educational Technology, then most likely you’re searching for a way to teach or inform your audience in an exciting, motivating, and inspiring way. With the right instructional design and using the right technology to educate, Avisar’s professionals will help your agency transfer information, skills, and even attitudes to your target group – efficiently and effectively.

Our Instructional Design and Educational Technology services

  • Develop educational goals
  • Define the audience
  • Assess the delivery capabilities
  • Develop the project plan
  • Develop the content (including writing and editing)
  • Design and produce the multimedia training products
  • Utilize test groups, feedback, and evaluations

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Classroom and Interactive Training
Our consultants teach Federal agencies how to train their people as well as help them structure the programs, courses, and classroom environments. Choosing between the classroom setting, interactive software, or a combination of both is a common challenge facing many agencies today. There are advantages to the different approaches, not to mention the constraints of current systems and budgets. Our consultants help our clients decide which approach is best for the agency and their employees.

Our Classroom and Interactive Training services cover

  • Lesson planning
  • Instructional design
  • Curriculum mapping
  • Educational technology for the classroom
  • Assessing personal learning styles
  • Workshop structuring
  • Student assessment
  • Evaluation

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Website Development and Maintenance
A properly designed, developed, and written website can deliver an agency’s message, attract clients and employees, and become an interactive tool for operations on a daily basis. A poorly done website, on the other hand, can easily cost an agency business and place information at risk. For the development and maintenance of Federal websites, we carefully plan each aspect.

Our Website Development and Maintenance services cover

  • Determining the goals of the site
  • Defining the audience
  • Content development
  • Graphic design
  • Usability testing
  • Content management processes and tools
  • Flash development
  • Database application development
  • Programming
  • Information assurance and security practices and policies
  • Search engine optimization
  • Ongoing maintenance

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Publication, Planning, and Production
For any publication to be effective, careful planning is required. All parts of the publication process ­– from designing, writing, arranging the layout, editing, and proofing to printing – require special coordination. Avisar’s consultants assist clients with any phase or the entire process, from conception to delivery. Our publication teams work on a wide variety of printed material including brochures, technical and training manuals, magazines, reports to congress, briefings, posters, displays, and books.

Our Publication, Planning, and Production services cover

  • Strategy
    • Type of publication
    • Type of art/graphics/copy
    • Message
    • Target audience
    • Channels of distribution
  • Logistics
    • Production schedule
    • Cost estimation
  • Design
  • Production
  • Evaluation and focus group management

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Multimedia Products
Avisar assists Federal agencies in creating and marketing multimedia products for training and informational purposes. Avisar advises clients on the best format, production, and distribution methods available.

Our Multimedia Products services

  • DVDs
  • CDROMs
  • Interactive kiosks
  • Videotapes
  • Streaming video for the web
  • Video production
  • Multimedia presentations
  • Animation
  • Websites
  • Accessibility features and Section 508 compliance

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Conference and Events Management
Making your event successful and memorable is our top priority when a Federal agency seeks our conference and event management services. We work with the agency, step by step, from beginning to end, whether the event is a gathering of people in one location or virtual via video, web, or teleconferencing.

Our Conference and Events Management services cover

  • Planning
  • Logistics
  • Video, web and teleconferencing
  • Marketing
  • Developing meeting venues
  • Onsite staffing of events
  • Web-based registration and promotion
  • Reporting

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Clearinghouse and Information Center Operations
Avisar helps Federal agencies manage the tremendous archives of vital information that need to be distributed to their constituents. Whether we are creating new processes or modifying existing ones, our goal is to ensure that the right information reaches our client’s customers quickly, accurately, and in a comprehensive manner.

Our Clearinghouse and Information Center Operations services cover

  • Fulfillment needs analysis
  • Warehousing and inventory management
  • Call center operations
  • Web-based solutions for electronic dissemination
  • Print-on-demand and fax-back systems
  • Staffing and operations
  • Activity reporting

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