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Integrated Solutions Teams


At Avisar, we take a unique approach to solving our clients' problems. We create integrated solutions teams that are designed to be a perfect fit with each client and the client’s goals. How do we do this? Through our use of

  • Needs assessments
  • Strategic planning
  • Management consulting
  • Skill profiling
  • Team dynamics
  • Team optimization

That means that no two teams are alike. Every team will have a project manager, but the mix of technology experts and business professionals, as well as their individual specialties, will change from project to project. Our approach makes problem solving efficient, effective, and always fresh.

Before we hand pick our team members, our Needs Assessment experts interview our client and go on-site to assess the present situation. This encompasses everything from the constraints of the facility (the technology in use, location, number of personnel) to the budget and skill levels of the agency’s personnel. Once the assessment has been completed, we identify the skills required for the project and develop a highly specialized and customized team.

Once the team has been formed, we continually measure and optimize the team’s performance. Periodic reviews with the team leader and the client, both individually and together, allow us to adjust the roles of team members, or even add team members as we identify any need for additional skills.

Avisar’s Integrated Solutions Teams are unique:

  • Customized to “fit” the client and problem
  • Mix of specialties differing from team to team
  • Assessed to identify skills needed on the team
  • Periodically reviewed to optimize team members’ roles, skill-sets, and performance.


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