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Program Management, Operations, and Support


With any project, our goal is to provide the personnel and skills our clients need to achieve success. The expertise, education, and experiences of our personnel, combined with project management best practices, enable Avisar to support all business and operational aspects of any project. We assess our client’s operations, define goals and requirements, schedule and define major and minor milestones, determine each task’s budget, and document each step of the project.

Our Program Management, Operation, and Support services include

To learn what Avisar’s Program Management, Operation, and Support services can do for your agency, contact us.

Needs Assessment
When the needs assessment is done at the initial phase of a project, both time and money can be saved. Our people will bring a fresh perspective and complementary talents enabling them to spot the gaps and flaws in logic that would otherwise lead to a waste of time, money, effort, and resources. By assessing and understanding the gaps that exist, Avisar determines the exact skill-sets you need to bring on board to ensure the successful outcome of your project.

Our Needs Assessment services cover

  • Requirements collection and analysis
  • Business case review
  • Skillset review
  • Logic flow and analysis
  • Financial and budget review

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Strategic Planning
Any good strategic planner starts by asking questions, basically the Who, What, When, Where, and Why of the situation, otherwise known as using the three step or STP process. Our project managers begin every project by asking the obvious and less-than-obvious questions that define the STP components. Some of the answers come from interviewing and speaking with the agency personnel; others come from analyzing the history of the agency, its competitors, and industry.

Our Strategic Planning services cover the STP process:

  • Situation - Where are we now? How did we get here?
  • Target – Where do we want to be? What results do we want to achieve and Why?
  • Path – How do we plan to get there, or achieve those results?

Strategic planning isn’t about making safe choices. It’s about being able to weigh the risks against the potential gains. It’s about understanding the clients and their needs. It’s about thinking outside the box. It’s about understanding all the components that influence the outcome and then devising the best plan for our clients.

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Compliance and Reporting
Our professionals look at compliance and reporting from several angles: satisfying Federal requirements, streamlining the process, integrating security, improving efficiency and minimizing costs. Since the efficiency and effectiveness of compliance and reporting depends on technology, our teams consist of both technology experts and business professionals who work with clients to find the right solution for their agencies.

Our Compliance and Reporting services

  • Analyze the reporting process.
  • Create new processes/modify current ones.
  • Customize report creation.
  • Convert paper processes into online processes.
  • Streamline and automate report submissions.
  • Integrate security into data capture, report generation, and submission.
  • Increase efficiency as it relates to printing, distribution, storing, and managing data.

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Feasibility Assessment
The beauty of doing a feasibility assessment isn’t getting an answer to your question about proceeding with or abandoning a project, plan, or venture – it’s gaining confidence in your decision. A low feasibility assessment doesn’t necessarily mean a project should be abandoned. There are risks and other business concerns to be factored into the decision. Our professionals go beyond conducting the feasibility assessment and giving you a number. They help you consider the impact of your decision and whether or not the potential benefits outweigh the risks.

Our Feasibility Assessment services cover

  • Background research
  • Marketing research
  • Financial analysis
  • Risk analysis
  • Comparative analysis

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Facilities Management
The last thing an agency wants to have to worry about is dealing with a problem in its facilities. Ensuring that facilities run smoothly and as efficiently as possible is important to every agency – and that is a service Avisar doesn’t take lightly. Our clients’ operations should never be interrupted, compromised, or shut down as a result of facilities problems.

Our experts can apply facilities management assessments and solutions to any situation. When it comes right down to it, any physical entity that deviates from its normal range of operations can cause a major disruption – and that is what Avisar wants to prevent.

Our Facilities Management services cover

  • Telecommunications infrastructure
  • Buildings
  • Information technology facilities
  • Safety
  • Physical security

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Human Resource Management
Human Resource Management requires an understanding of the law, the marketplace, technology, the agency’s needs, the development of interpersonal relationships, and how to attract and retain the best people. While the issues facing an agency can be quite complex, the solutions need not be. The key to human resources management is being able to assess the problem(s), the available resources and any restrictions, and then factor in the human component. We understand and know how unpredictable and fragile that human component can be. We understand that whatever our client’s human resource management problems or challenges may be, their people are a top priority – just like our employees are to us at Avisar.

Our Human Resource Management services cover

  • Getting your employees
    • Recruiting
    • Screening/Interviewing
    • Hiring
  • Compensating employees
  • Employee training
    • Orientation
    • Career development
    • Leadership and management development
  • Compliance to regulations
  • Ensuring safe work environments
    • Physical safety
    • Emotional wellness
    • Diversity management
    • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Motivating, achieving, and sustaining high performance
    • Personal and team productivity
    • Reviews and incentives

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Workflow Optimization
We work with our clients (and when possible their end-users) to review processes and find new, innovative ways to streamline and improve efficiencies while reducing costs. Often, having a fresh approach is all that is needed to find simple yet effective ways to optimize workflows. We offer that fresh approach and a commitment to finding and creating the right solutions for our clients.

Our Workflow Optimization services

  • Define agency goals as they relate to workflow
  • Map processes
  • Identify and implement best practices
  • Track workflows and quality

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Logistics can be applied to any area, from executing an activity, to reducing expenses and improving customer service. But employing logistics alone to solve a problem is a critical mistake some organizations make. Logistics is numbers. Strategizing and enabling an event, project, or plan to succeed requires more than numbers; it requires an understanding and ability to grasp the situation as a whole. At Avisar, we view logistics objectively and subjectively - and enable our clients to control their logistical processes.

Our Logistics services cover

  • Visualization
  • Quantification
  • Planning
  • Change management

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Financial Analysis
Our teams of financial analysts, accountants, statisticians, marketplace analysts, and strategists can construct and perform any financial analysis needed to assess or support your agency. In addition to performing the analysis, Avisar can structure systems that enable ongoing analysis by our client’s personnel.

Our Financial Analysis services cover

  • Statement reviews and analysis
  • Industry analysis
  • Comparative analysis
  • Growth analysis
  • Cost-Benefit analysis
  • Variance analysis
  • Trend analysis
  • Projections
  • Risk analysis and assessment
  • Ad hoc reporting
  • Financial presentation

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Administrative Support
Avisar does whatever it takes to keep our client’s administration running smoothly and efficiently. From mailroom operations to clerical and secretarial support, our goal is to provide our clients the administrative support and solutions they need over the short and long term.

Our Administrative Support services

  • Clerical and secretarial support
  • Mailroom
  • Reception desks and call centers
  • Meeting planning and conferencing
  • Reprographics

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