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Information Technology Services


With today’s technology, we are able to collect, retrieve, manipulate, and disseminate information on a global scale. How we go about accessing, securing, integrating, sharing, storing, and interpreting that information is critical.

At Avisar, we devise customized and strategic solutions for the information technology problems and challenges facing Federal agencies. To ensure the optimal solutions for your needs, we make sure you are an active member of our team. Combining your expertise in your field with our technology and business expertise will result in a solution that is perfect for you.

Our comprehensive capabilities in Information Technology services include

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Software Engineering and Application Development
Before our software engineers develop software to address your needs, they work alongside our business professionals to fully assess your business needs and the role the software is intended to take. We customize software using proven software engineering methodologies and/or commercial off-the-shelf products. We don’t “re-invent the wheel” at Avisar, but we do what it takes to make sure that wheel is shaped and functioning to meet your specific needs.

Our Software Engineering and Application Development services cover

  • Custom application development
  • Custom programming
  • Operating systems
  • Development tools
  • DBMS platforms
  • Application architecture
  • Design analysis
  • Testing and documentation
  • Training
  • Distribution
  • Upgrading
  • Reengineering
  • Maintenance

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Information Assurance and Security
Information assurance and security is one of the most vital areas today for any Federal agency and one of the weakest. Our information and security on an individual, department, and national level are at risk from espionage, terrorism, viruses, human error, hackers, and natural disasters. While your agency may have been secure in the past, that may not be the case today. The technology used by those who would intentionally compromise security changes daily, and so must the policies, procedures, and practices used to prevent that compromise. One of the best methods of prevention is staying current on the latest risks and countermeasures. At Avisar, we devise solutions that are intended to anticipate and respond to the ever-changing and hostile environment. Is your information secure? If you haven’t asked yourself the question in a while, or you wonder what the answer is, it’s time to speak with us. Together, we’ll find the right solution for your agency.

Our Information Assurance and Security services cover

  • Threat identification
  • Risk assessment
  • Vulnerability analysis
  • Security engineering
  • Security policies and procedures development, implementation, and testing
  • Certification
  • System architecture and design
  • Operational and strategic planning
  • Security awareness and training

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Systems Integration
New technologies can improve services and lower costs, but only if properly integrated with current systems - both the agency’s and its supporting entities. Our project teams examine our clients’ current systems, their needs, budget, and human resources constraints with an eye towards capacity planning and future growth. While we bring in a level of objectivity, we will encourage your interaction and guidance to help us understand and address the nuances of your field and office. Together, as a team, we will devise a customized solution that is perfect for your agency.

Our Systems Integration services cover

  • Telecommunications
  • Workforce computing
  • Mobile computing
  • Functional solutions
  • Operational support

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Network Engineering and Operations
Our network engineers design the infrastructures or updates to existing infrastructures our clients need to ensure their networks run smoothly and efficiently. Our teams assess the current environment against the agency’s needs, budgets, and resource constraints as well as continued growth and emerging technologies. Your role in the creation of a solution that proves flexible, strategic, and all-encompassing will be vital. As a team, we will identify and address your needs efficiently and effectively.

Our Network Solutions services cover

  • Network applications
  • Middleware
  • LAN/ WAN environments
  • Multi-vendor network integration
  • Network documentation
  • Security
  • IT training

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Data Processing and Archiving
Avisar offers flexible and reliable data processing and archiving services focused on improving efficiency and accuracy of your data collection, research, storage, and retrieval needs.

Our Data Processing and Archiving services cover

  • Data warehousing
  • Integration of multiple and/or disparate data sets
  • Data mining
  • Image conversion
  • Form conversion
  • Document scanning
  • Data extraction
  • Data entry

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Help Desk and End-User Support
To enable a well-managed environment, a technology dependent agency needs an effective Help Desk providing End-User Support. The goal is always to minimize support costs and maximize user productivity and satisfaction. Set up correctly, a help desk can improve employee efficiency, reduce down time, reduce costs, and promote end-customer satisfaction.

Our Help Desk and End-User Support services

  • Assess current help desk systems, procedures, and operations.
  • Identify problem areas (realized and potential).
  • Modify current help desk system and procedures.
  • Design and implement a new help desk system and/or procedures.
  • Train staff.
  • Create metrics and generate reports for use by management.
  • Fully manage and staff help desk with qualified and friendly professionals.

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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Our Geographical Information Systems services include solutions designed to capture, store, analyze, and display information referenced by location. The ability of scientists and researchers to analyze data from different sources – often previously unrelated – is now achieved through the use of GIS, as long as the data is referenced by geographical points. Information is stored in layers in a GIS, allowing scientists to perform complex analysis despite the different originating forms of data.

Our Geographic Information Systems services cover

  • Geodatabase design and conversion
  • Data capture
  • Data restructuring and conversion
  • Data integration
  • Data modeling
  • Digitizing
  • Image processing
  • Mapping
  • Application development
  • Implementation support

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Smart Cards and Biometrics
Avisar combines Smart Card and Biometric technology to provide the highest security possible for identifying or authenticating the identity of a living person and in turn assuring information security. This combination also enhances user privacy and cost-effectiveness of a secure identification system while promoting and enabling ease of mind and convenience for the users.

Our Smart Card and Biometric services cover

  • Vendor-neutral system design
  • Smart card integration
  • Multiple device integration
  • Image processing and optimizations
  • Data encryption
  • Biometric platform development

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