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Talented, Dedicated, Passionate, Driven to Succeed - That’s Who We Hire

Committed to Excellence
Avisar’s roots in the military have shaped our corporate culture, which is one of commitment to excellence, teamwork, dedication, and a drive to succeed. We have found that those same qualities which have made our military so strong work well in business. Accordingly, as much as talent is a key factor when hiring our employees, the “non-quantitative” attributes are just as important. Are we asking for a lot in our employees? Yes - but that’s what it takes to ensure that you, our client, receive the excellence you deserve.

Continuing Education
Just as we seek organizations to mentor Avisar for our education and growth as a business, we highly encourage and support all employees in their continued education both in technical and business programs. Accordingly, we offer flexibility of schedules to accommodate our employees and we invest financially in their development. We seek to not only keep our employees’ skill-sets current, but to ensure they will continue to be the technology and business leaders and innovators in their respective fields.

Security Clearances
Many of our employees come to us with security clearances already in place as they have worked with classified material in the past. Having employees who are already familiar with the processes and unique requirements of the Federal Government makes our jobs as solution providers easier from the start. Though security clearances are sometimes needed, we do not restrict our searches for employees to those who have active clearances. We seek talented professionals who are committed to their work and one another. We work hard at creating a team environment ­– both in our own offices and with our clients.


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